♥ Once wed

So this month has been a great one so far. I have been very slow on the posts since I have just started a new job. I also finally had some time to get our wedding pics together and the great news is they have been featured on Once wed (one of my all time fav wedding sites)!!  P.s Glen Allsop was our  photographer.

♥ Frame walls

I am always on the look out for amazing frame walls, and have been meaning to share some I have found along the way. Today whilst reading my daily list of blogs I came across this one, which was too cool not to share. I love the mix of plates, frames, horns and colour, it works so well.

Via homesweethome - one of my favourite tumblrs.

♥ Chanel rouge coco shine

My new favourite, so much moisture and shine. I got mine in colour 'evasion' which is a fab everyday colour. Cant wait to try another colour soon (maybe even bright red)..

♥ Scones

I have decided this year to be more productive in the kitchen as I love cooking and baking just dont get a lot of time to find recipes and then make them.

I have made scones twice over the past two weeks and both times they have turned out really cute and delicious( cute as in the size of them!)

The recipe is really simple which is why I love it (taken from here).
All you need to concentrate on is not over kneading the dough, as this makes them light and fluffy as opposed to rock cakes.

Oh and the best tip I got mid way through my second batch was to lay all the sones touching each other before baking, this gives them more height which is a good thing.

Plain flour for dusting ( tray and tops of scones before baking)
3 cups of self raising flour
80 grams butter (cubed)
1 1/4 cups of milk
Jam and cream to serve (preferably strawberry)

Pre-heat over to 200 degrees. Use the plain flour to lighly dust the tray and surface where you will knead the dough.
Sift 3 cups of self raising flour into a large bowl.
Use your fingers to rub the butter into the flour. It should rub in completely and look like breadcrumbs once ready.
Add 1 cup of milk into the centre of the mix and use a spatula to wind mixture around until it resembles dough. Add the 1/4 cup of milk if required.
Turn dough onto floured surface and knead gently until smooth (dont over knead!)
Pat dough into 2 cm thickness and start cutting out rounds using all available surface area (using a 5cm diameter cutter). Roll mixture together and do remaining rounds.
Place scones on baking tray so that each scone is touching sides gently.
Sprinkle plain flour over tops of scones.
Bake for 20-25 mins or until golden brown. Once ready place on wire rack to cool.

♥ Serve with jam and cream.

♥ French inspiration NYC

Wouldnt you love to eat breakfast here?

Or sit and watch the day go by..beautiful.

Image courtesy of Lonnymag.com

♥ Greenhouse by Joost

The writing on the walls, the strawberry plant facade, the recycled conveyor belt floors, the herb roof top, the David Bromley painting - I am totally in love with everything about this place. Not to mention the main reason I actually visited the place was to check out a totally sustainable restaurant in Sydney! Amazing!

They said it was an hour wait when we joined the queue, but no more than 1/2 an hour and we were seated with a great view of the bridge, two jam jars filled of delicious homemade (honey sweet) lemonade, a meat platter and a pizza..happy was an understatement!

A great project that should stick around for longer but apparently it has bigger plans of conquering the world via Milan, Berlin,Budapest, and London. Glad it stopped by in our harbour first..

For more info on this project/restaurant visit the website http://greenhousebyjoost.com/

♥ Accessories

I am obsessed with accessories and have been since a very young age when I used to steal my older sisters jewellery and hide it away so no-one else could see it!

I have grown up since then, but still I always get excited by new finds in the accessories department. They always change the feel of an outfit and are around for a lot longer.

I'm loving this outfit complete with accessories below. Effortlessly chic.

Found online at Harpers Bazaar Insiders Guide to Fashion week.

You can also view all Delfina Delettrez accessories on her site, which may I add I jadore everything, all the pieces are all so amazingly unique. Another daily source of inspiration.

♥ french art deco iron panels

I found these whilst window shopping (online) for some pieces for our new apartment. The colour of these panels is amazing. I love this oxidised iron look paired with the gold handles.

I have yet to visit the store in person but I have read a lot about them recently through InsideOut mag. I wonder if the price of these is as amazing as the colour?

More great finds here, chuck and bob. Now back to window shopping..

♥ Even google is in on it.

Just noticed this on the google homepage. I'm not normally a valentines fan but this was cute.

Happy valentines day.

♥ A few things to be excited about...

1. The new JCREW look book = amazing.

2. I noticed through tabletonic that Kelly Wearstler has a new blog titled 'My vibe my life',  just the graphic for the homepage was enough to make me happy.

3. I got involved in my first online collaboration I heart: an inspiration project. More to come on my contribution in another post but another excellent idea by a gorgeous blog the drifter and the gypsy.

4. 'Cost per wear' could be my new favourite saying when I finally receive my new Alexander Wang bag from the outnet woo! Classic bag carry all, no studs, fab leather. Cant wait for it to arrive.

♥ just married.

So 2010 was a BIG year in the scheme of life altering experiences for me.

I discovered so many amazing sources of inspiration during this time, I actually secretly loved the whole organising part - is that wrong!?

Well maybe it was just a massive obsession with OnceWed that got me through it.  That obsession still exists, now that has to be wrong but I guess its probably natural.

This year will be all about organising the self made album, but true to style i am still umm and ahhing about how to do it and what to materials and books to use.

I have a cute jute box filled with 700 photos direct from my photographer Glen but currently its just hanging out on our bookshelf. So until then here is a little snap shot.

♥ 2011 a new year.

happy new year.

I always feel so refreshed at the start of the new year, its like two weeks in the sun and sea really clears your mind and gets you set to start all over again. This year for me is the year of inspiration, and I cant wait for whats ahead.

I just found this cute little photostrip from a friends wedding where she hired a photobooth. A really nice idea instead of an official photographer. She and her fiance are both art directors so most of the strips coming out of the booth were art directed with props.

And best of all the photos came out old school style and not like cheesy stickers with captions..

♥ palm beach love.

Yesterday I spent the day in the lovely palm beach soaking up some local inspiration, which may even now be my new favourite store. If only I lived a little closer.

Love loans + linen is the cutest little store, plus they were playing the new angus and julia stone album which added to the love atmosphere. Bakers twine, savon soap, old style scissors, enamel plates/mugs loved it all.

Images from Love loans + linen.

I left the store with a gorgeous little soap dish by house doctor. Whilst I could have bought everything then and there, I left thinking I will be back soon, or purchase more online. I also noticed they stocked attia which was a great little brand I stocked up on before xmas for presents for the whole fam. Great wooden servers and little wooden platters.

We ended the day with lunch at the boat house which was worth the forty minutes wait for food. I also noticed my wedding photographer Glen Allsop (more of this in another post) did all the photography for the website which are all fab.The atmosphere/decor is great, another good excuse to get back down to palm beach soon.
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