♥ Greenhouse by Joost

The writing on the walls, the strawberry plant facade, the recycled conveyor belt floors, the herb roof top, the David Bromley painting - I am totally in love with everything about this place. Not to mention the main reason I actually visited the place was to check out a totally sustainable restaurant in Sydney! Amazing!

They said it was an hour wait when we joined the queue, but no more than 1/2 an hour and we were seated with a great view of the bridge, two jam jars filled of delicious homemade (honey sweet) lemonade, a meat platter and a pizza..happy was an understatement!

A great project that should stick around for longer but apparently it has bigger plans of conquering the world via Milan, Berlin,Budapest, and London. Glad it stopped by in our harbour first..

For more info on this project/restaurant visit the website http://greenhousebyjoost.com/

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