♥ Accessories

I am obsessed with accessories and have been since a very young age when I used to steal my older sisters jewellery and hide it away so no-one else could see it!

I have grown up since then, but still I always get excited by new finds in the accessories department. They always change the feel of an outfit and are around for a lot longer.

I'm loving this outfit complete with accessories below. Effortlessly chic.

Found online at Harpers Bazaar Insiders Guide to Fashion week.

You can also view all Delfina Delettrez accessories on her site, which may I add I jadore everything, all the pieces are all so amazingly unique. Another daily source of inspiration.

♥ french art deco iron panels

I found these whilst window shopping (online) for some pieces for our new apartment. The colour of these panels is amazing. I love this oxidised iron look paired with the gold handles.

I have yet to visit the store in person but I have read a lot about them recently through InsideOut mag. I wonder if the price of these is as amazing as the colour?

More great finds here, chuck and bob. Now back to window shopping..

♥ Even google is in on it.

Just noticed this on the google homepage. I'm not normally a valentines fan but this was cute.

Happy valentines day.

♥ A few things to be excited about...

1. The new JCREW look book = amazing.

2. I noticed through tabletonic that Kelly Wearstler has a new blog titled 'My vibe my life',  just the graphic for the homepage was enough to make me happy.

3. I got involved in my first online collaboration I heart: an inspiration project. More to come on my contribution in another post but another excellent idea by a gorgeous blog the drifter and the gypsy.

4. 'Cost per wear' could be my new favourite saying when I finally receive my new Alexander Wang bag from the outnet woo! Classic bag carry all, no studs, fab leather. Cant wait for it to arrive.

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