♥ just married.

So 2010 was a BIG year in the scheme of life altering experiences for me.

I discovered so many amazing sources of inspiration during this time, I actually secretly loved the whole organising part - is that wrong!?

Well maybe it was just a massive obsession with OnceWed that got me through it.  That obsession still exists, now that has to be wrong but I guess its probably natural.

This year will be all about organising the self made album, but true to style i am still umm and ahhing about how to do it and what to materials and books to use.

I have a cute jute box filled with 700 photos direct from my photographer Glen but currently its just hanging out on our bookshelf. So until then here is a little snap shot.

♥ 2011 a new year.

happy new year.

I always feel so refreshed at the start of the new year, its like two weeks in the sun and sea really clears your mind and gets you set to start all over again. This year for me is the year of inspiration, and I cant wait for whats ahead.

I just found this cute little photostrip from a friends wedding where she hired a photobooth. A really nice idea instead of an official photographer. She and her fiance are both art directors so most of the strips coming out of the booth were art directed with props.

And best of all the photos came out old school style and not like cheesy stickers with captions..

♥ palm beach love.

Yesterday I spent the day in the lovely palm beach soaking up some local inspiration, which may even now be my new favourite store. If only I lived a little closer.

Love loans + linen is the cutest little store, plus they were playing the new angus and julia stone album which added to the love atmosphere. Bakers twine, savon soap, old style scissors, enamel plates/mugs loved it all.

Images from Love loans + linen.

I left the store with a gorgeous little soap dish by house doctor. Whilst I could have bought everything then and there, I left thinking I will be back soon, or purchase more online. I also noticed they stocked attia which was a great little brand I stocked up on before xmas for presents for the whole fam. Great wooden servers and little wooden platters.

We ended the day with lunch at the boat house which was worth the forty minutes wait for food. I also noticed my wedding photographer Glen Allsop (more of this in another post) did all the photography for the website which are all fab.The atmosphere/decor is great, another good excuse to get back down to palm beach soon.
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